Print Design

The below are some examples of my prit designs from my undergraduate time at RISD and beyond. My process begins with drawing or painting, and I enjoy experimenting and manipulating designs with screen-printing techniques.

Above left: digitally printed skirt and tunic, collaged top. Above right: digitally printed pants, screen-printed skirt, machine knit tops

Below: digitally printed pants, machine knit top.

Above: digitally printed skirt and dress, machine knit sweater (created with a Stoll machine).

Below: digitally printed skirt, machine knit top.

Above: digitally printed dress

Below: screen-printed and collaged coat

Above left: digitally printed dress and skirt, machine knit top. Above right: Machine knit sweater (created with a Stoll machine)

Below left: Mixed media on paper. Below right: Colored pencil on graph paper.

Above left: mixed media collage. Above right: Markers on paper

Below: Gouache on paper.

Above: Watercolor and gouache on paper